Our mission is to create awareness for fair working conditions and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. We work closely with our production sites to achieve this goal and are happy to share our knowledge with our long-term cooperation partners. We attach great importance to the certification of our products and focus on long-term cooperation.

We are proud that through our work we help to reduce environmental impact and promote fair working conditions. By advocating the use of sustainable materials and environmentally friendly production processes, we help minimize the environmental footprint of our products. We are also committed to fair working conditions in our production facilities and ensure that our employees are adequately compensated and can work under safe conditions. We are convinced that sustainable and fair production is not only good for the environment, but also for our society and economy.

Inspired by the world around us

Our employees share the same passion as our customers - the desire for foreign cultures and the need to travel the world. Our products are inspired by the colors, patterns, impressions and rituals of other cultures and bring the vastness of the world directly to our customers' homes.

Authentic products & transparent production

It is important to us that our customers not only purchase a product, but also become part of our philosophy. We want them to identify with our values and be proud to be part of our community.
Our goal is to provide our customers with a unique and high quality product that will stay with them for a long time and bring them joy. We are proud of our products and hope that our customers can also feel this love and passion.

Our goal is to offer our customers a unique and high quality product that will accompany them for a long time and bring them joy. We are proud of our products and hope that our customers can also feel this love and passion.

Responsibility for people & nature

Especially due to the close exchange with our suppliers around the world and the insights we get from working far away from the tourist areas, we are very aware of our responsibility towards our fellow human beings and our environment. We treat the resources of our planet as gently as possible and ensure fair working conditions for all involved.

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In the past, TRANQUILLO was a small store in Dresden's Neustadt district, where you could find cheerful little things from all over the world, colourful fleece jackets and long velvet robes. In addition, you could search for fancy pieces that were waiting on the bars for their new owners. TRANQUILLO has always been the place to find special fashion and all sorts of little things to give to your loved ones. Anyone who came near the store could smell it from afar. Because in the front area of the store were countless incense sticks lined up, so it felt almost like an oriental bazaar.

How beautiful it was! But from time to time it should be different. It should remain colourful and fair, too. But maybe one day one could even produce one's own clothes fairly from ecologically sensitive materials? These thoughts drove Christian Amthor and Michael Kremer, who have been running TRANQUILLO together since 2002. Both could hardly be more different, but they were united by their enthusiasm to bring forward new ideas - and both often look with a wink at "the things that have always been this way". If Christian and Micha have set their minds on something, the goal is fixed - the path, on the other hand, can be colourfully designed - just the TRANQUILLO way.

Tranquillo in the world

"We are proud that over the years we have been successful in taking a long-term approach and establishing a trust-based cooperation. We are happy about the great feedback from our customers and hope that we can continue to develop together towards a more environmentally conscious lifestyle."

C. Amthor, M. Kremer

Working with pleasure on individual products.

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