For the sake of nature.  

Our cheerful products bring the colourful diversity of cultures to our costumers home, while our high standards of quality, sustainability and transparency care for the people and the environment in the process.

Respect for envinronment and people

We use only natural materials for our products. 
We create products with a long life and always work on environmentally friendly solutions.

The BSCI Initiative

Social responsibility and transparency in the supply chain


The amfori Business Social Compliance Initiative (amfori BSCI), founded in 2003 as the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), is a program of the business-affiliated association amfori to improve social standards in a global value chain. Amfori is the leading international business association for free and sustainable trade. It supports retailers, importers, brands and national associations in the context of socially responsible production conditions, responsible resource use and the promotion of global trade relations.


In times of globalized markets, many companies move their production to other countries. Especially in less developed countries, these companies have a special social responsibility. With the successful amfori BSCI supplier audit and entry in the amfori BSCI platform, you can ensure and document that your suppliers treat people and the environment responsibly during production.


The following criteria are verified: 
The right of freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.
- Adequate pay 
- Occupational health and safety
- Special protection for young workers
- No forced labor
- Ethical business practices
- No discrimination
- Reasonable working hours
- No child labor
- No precarious employment
- Environmental protection


The amfori BSCI Code of Conduct defines values and principles for responsible business practices in the supply chain and targets continuous optimization of key parameters. It is based on ILO (International Labor Organization) labor standards. Customers are either amfori BSCI members themselves, or involved business partners in the supply chain of a member. All partners must sign the amfori BSCI Code of Conduct and are listed on the amfori BSCI platform through successful verification.


Amfori is the leading international business association for free and sustainable trade. It supports retailers, importers, brands and national associations in the framework of socially responsible production conditions, responsible use of resources and the promotion of global trade relations.

Our certifications


The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the internationally applied standard for the processing of organically produced natural fibres. The GOTS standard guarantees safety and hygienic conditions in production facilities, ensures compliance with social criteria such as fair wages and defines environmental requirements along the production chain. The majority of our fashion collection as well as our kitchen and home textiles are certified with the GOTS seal. We, as a company, also carry this seal. This allows us to show that the production chain, starting with our manufacturers and ending with us, is completely certified and that all aspects of sustainability are comprehensively taken into account. Our licence number is: CU844876. You can find us in the GOTS database, where all certified companies are listed.

Good Weave

The GoodWeave® seal of quality is awarded to handmade carpets that comply with social standards. The GoodWeave® carpet seal was initiated by Indian non-governmental organizations, German and international aid agencies, as well as the GTZ, in order to abolish child labour in India and Nepal. Instead, children are given access to education. The seal also stands for the consideration of social and ecological standards such as fair wages, safe and hygienic working conditions as well as appropriate working hours for adult carpet weavers. Each GoodWeave® seal is labelled with a code. With the help of these codes, you can track exactly where your carpet comes from. The fees for certification are paid by the exporters and importers, which finance the inspections and the social and educational programs.


The Global Recycled Standard (GRS) is an international and fully-fledged product standard that applies largely to textiles. It ensures that social, environmental and chemical regulations are met during production. The aim of the GRS is to define requirements for the quality and specification of substances used. It also ensures good working conditions on site and implements compliance with ecological and chemical regulations in the manufacturing process.

For the sake of nature.

We take care of our planet's resources as much as possible and ensure fair working conditions for all involved.

Sustainability criteria

Sustainable fabrics

Organic cotton​

Organic cotton is a renewable resource which has many advantages when it is used. The cultivation of organic cotton consumes less water. If pest infestation happens, only biological means are used to fight it. In addition, the fertilization of the cotton is organic. The environmentally friendly cultivation is beneficial for the local people and soil, but also for you and your skin. The natural material is durable, air-permeable and long-lasting.

EcoVero Viscose

Lenzing™ sets new standards in sustainable viscose. EcoVero™ viscose fibres are made from sustainable wood and pulp from certified and controlled forests. EcoVero™ viscose is airy and breathable and has a flowing drape. Our EcoVero™ viscose fabric has a subtle texture shimmer that makes it feel great to wear.


Soft and smooth, with high breathability and flexibility, characterise our new favourite fabric from Lenzing™. The raw material cellulose is obtained from renewable beech wood. Only non-toxic and biodegradable chemicals are used in the production process. 95-99 % of the solvents are recycled back into this closed loop process. For its sustainable TENCEL™ fibre, Lenzing™ was awarded the "European Award for the Environment" by the European Union.

Sustainable living

It's the small changes in our consumption behavior that make a difference. Tranquillo offers you a diverse selection of organic and fairly produced home items. With our products, we want to take responsibility and a more respectful attitude towards our fellow human beings and nature. For your conscious lifestyle, you don't have to give up stylish furnishings at all, because our collection combines dreamlike designs with environmentally friendly and recycled materials. By opting for these eco-friendly alternatives, you'll be able to protect the environment and bring your love for nature into your living spaces. Create your sustainable home with our accessories and make a positive change!

Fair Trade​

Our soaps are made by hand & individually packaged with love. The manufacturers are members of the World Fair Organization & are committed to fair working conditions. The focus is on fair pay and a working environment where all employees are treated equally.

Save livelihoods

By buying our Blue Pottery soap dishes you are not only choosing a beautiful bathroom accessory, you are also supporting the traditional art of pottery in jaipur. The handmade soap dishes come from a place where the livelihood of many people is secured.

Fabrics for well-being

Durable and long-lasting fabrics in GOTS-certified organic quality ensure that you can really make yourself comfortable at home. The environmentally friendly cultivation of organic cotton helps to conserve resources.