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We create sustainable apparel for women who speak up for themselves, not only through their style. Keeping the world in mind, conscious that we are all connected, we use only materials that are gentle with the environment. We provide certifications in terms of sustainability for our products. We believe that even the smallest contribution from all of us makes a difference. Our styles are made from natural fibres wherever possible, either GOTS certified organic cotton or EcoVero Viscose and Tencel by Lenzing to reduce the impact on the environment with the highest wearing comfort.

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Our GOTS certification

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the internationally applied standard for the processing of organically produced natural fibres. The GOTS standard guarantees safety and hygienic conditions in production facilities, ensures compliance with social criteria such as fair wages and defines environmental requirements along the production chain. The majority of our fashion collection as well as our kitchen and home textiles are certified with the GOTS seal. We ,as a company ,also carry this seal. This allows us to show that the production chain, starting with our manufacturers and ending with us, is completely certified and that all aspects of sustainability are comprehensively taken into account. Our licence number is: CU844876. You can find us in the GOTS database, where all certified companies are listed.

Long-lasting organic cotton

Organic cotton is a natural renewable resource, the use of which has many advantages. The cultivation of organic cotton uses less water. The environmentally friendly cultivation is beneficial for the local people and soil, but also for you and your skin. The natural material is durable, breathable and long-lasting.

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