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These trendy notebooks and weekly planners will ensure you never forget good ideas. With the help of these practical companions, you can plan your everyday life and write down your thoughts. Discover the colourful stationery selection in the online shop!

Colorful everyday life

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Perfectly organized with our notebook

During brainstorming sessions with your colleagues, you can make notes of your ideas, write down to-dos and schedule the next meeting directly in the weekly planner. These practical helpers let you successfully manage the meeting and assist you in organizing your projects.   

A notebook is also a piece of essential equipment for school and university. Notebooks gather new knowledge and make it easier to remember when writing by hand. In addition, your valuable notes are available at a glance and can be taken anywhere in the phone book. This makes learning easy and the upcoming exam a success.
Also, discover our memo pads, which make everyday work easier and provide a clear structure for open tasks.

Notebooks for moments of inspiration

These stylish notebooks are also helpful to support at work and beyond. While travelling, our minds become apparent, and we can find inspiration. On the train or during relaxed nature excursions, we can have the best flashes of inspiration that we want to be written down.  

Notebooks can also be used when listening to an exciting lecture or podcast. You can use them to write down the facts you need to know and recall them later. Whether inspirational quotes, poems or sketches - these blank pages offer you space to let your imagination run free.

Colourful notebooks with a contemporary look

Tranquillo products are particularly captivating pieces because of their unique designs. The pretty floral patterns, animal motifs or retro prints are real standouts on your desk.   

The cheerful colours brighten up your day and let your creativity blossom. Writing on lined paper is excellent.   

And additionally, there are white sheets available for drawing.   
Discover also our planners with stylish hardcover and magnetic closure. The high-quality craftsmanship and unique look make these products the perfect gift for your loved ones.

For a perfect office outfit, our Home range offers you even more beautiful accessories for crafting. Discover our artistic paper stars and pendants,to put your creative plans into action!
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