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Enjoying a meal together unites. The high-quality kitchen textiles do your cooking and baking a pleasure while preparing food for special occasions. The Tranquillo online shop offers a colourful selection of tea towels, oven gloves, oven mitts and aprons. Also, discover our stylish sponge towels for sustainable dishwashing!

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Kitchen textiles for your perfect outfit

Do you love to get creative in the kitchen and prepare your delicious recipes? Our products make it easy for you to carry out your culinary projects. Perfectly equipped with practical kitchen textiles, you can prepare excellent meals and be sure your guests are happy and well-treated. Discover our range now:
• Tea towels: The high quality of the fabric allows you to dry your clean cooking accessories quickly and store them in the cupboard. With their beautiful look, they not only support you as a practical accessory, but are also a decorative highlight in the room.
• Ofen gloves: Ob Aufläufe, Kuchen oder Pizza – Mit dem hübschen Zubehör holst du die heißen Leckereien mühelos aus dem Backofen. Der robuste Stoff schützt deine Hände vor Hitze und sorgt für grandiosen Back-Spaß.
• Kitchen aprons: Whether it's casseroles, cakes or pizzas - with this pretty accessory, you can quickly get the hot treats out of the oven. The durable fabric protects your hands from the heat and ensures great baking fun.
• Pot holders: Even as a chef, do you want to remain stylish? No problem with this practical accessory. Quickly slip it over your clothes to protect them from stains with the apron's fabric, so you can fully pursue your passion.
• Sponge cloths: These items can be washed several times as an alternative to foam sponges. This way, you can enjoy the beautiful prints for a long time and contribute to less waste.
Do you know that you can easily order these pieces as a set ?
With the four-piece collections, you have the ideal tools, and the matching design creates a well-balanced atmosphere in your kitchen.

Sustainable living with eco-friendly kitchen textiles

The exquisite designs of our home products enhance your cooking area. The imaginative patterns will awaken creativity and help you effortlessly cook new recipes. The integrated hanging system makes it easy to store little helpers and keep your home neat.
But it's not just the gorgeous look that makes our kitchen textiles special. You'll also value high-quality fabrics and their durability. The functional accessories, made from 100% organic cotton, are made in an eco-friendly way. A GOTS certificate assures you that the goods you purchase are produced by our suppliers fairly and socially responsibly. Through the small changes in the household, we can move closer towards sustainability goals together and make a difference!

Care tips:

When preparing food, it is essential to keep the kitchen textiles clean to ensure proper hygiene. We recommend an easy-care programme at 30° C to keep the light cotton fabric in the best condition. The cooking aprons and reusable cloths are machine-washable as well. After use, you can clean them at 60° C. Please note that spot cleaning by hand is recommended for the pot holder set.
At Tranquillo, you'll find everything you need to furnish your kitchen. Discover our stylish tableware and complete the look of your home. Shop now!
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