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Whether for cuddling or playing - our sweet organic cuddly animals are the star in every child's room. The adorable designs put a smile on the little ones' faces and ensure lots of fun. Discover the cute selection now and surprise your kids with a sustainable plush friend!

Blankets for Kids

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Eco-friendly cuddly toys for playing & dreaming 

Soft toys are a loyal companion in childhood. They help the little ones build empathy and process the day's experiences. At bedtime, they give a feeling of comfort and security. Due to their soft texture, they are lovely to cuddle. This makes it easy to fall asleep peacefully and calmly.  

DBut it's also hard to imagine playing and romping without the cuddly plush figures. The excellent mood makers awaken children's creativity and open the way to adventurous fantasy worlds. In addition, due to the durable organic materials of the cuddly toys, the new companions can be taken everywhere and easily withstand all adventures on the playground.  

Best organic quality free from harmful substances

Many children strongly bond with their best-loved toy, as the cuddly friend has often been by their side since birth. While snuggling, the plush figure comes into contact with the mouth and skin. Therefore, paying attention to natural and toxic-free materials when choosing a product for kids is vital.  

Our eco-friendly cuddly toys are safe and harmless for the baby's sensitive skin. The natural material is grown in controlled organic farmings and without chemical fertilizers. Thanks to the durability of the articles, the little heroes will enjoy their new favourite companions for a long time.  

Eco-friendly cuddly toys for a sustainable tomorrow

With resource-saving production, Tranquillo pursues the goal of environmentally conscious change. By practising sustainability, we want to leave our children a planet worth living on and contribute to a positive future.  

With our cuddly toys made of organic cotton, you get the product made according to high ecological standards. Do you know that even the filling is made with a focus on eco-friendliness? The use of recycled polyester means that there is no use of virgin resources.   

Unique, eco-friendly cuddly toys as a special gift

Our eco-friendly cuddly toys are a great surprise to light up children's eyes. The cute little friends are an ideal gift for a child's birthday, in the Easter basket or under the Christmas tree.    

A cute cat, a cuddly little mouse, a snug bear, or would you prefer a funny bunny? You'll find the perfect toy for your little kids in our cute collection. Discover our adorable cushions shaped like hedgehogs or elephants to keep the little ones cosy in their beds.  

Our Kids range has a beautiful variety of products for crafting and decorating. Let yourself be inspired by the colourful blankets, cushions and hooks and create a cheerful children's room to feel good in. Shop now!
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