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Seat cushion for a cozy feel

Take a seat! Make yourself and your guests comfortable on the colourful seat cushions. While feasting together, you sit comfortably and enjoy precious time in the perfect ambience.
The super-soft cushions provide relaxation and invite you to talk for hours. The stylish home accessories are multifunctional. You can style your dining room or take your dinner out onto the balcony on a warm summer's day. No matter where you go, you can always arrange seat cushions easily. With the practical tie loops, you can fasten them optimally so that the pillow is unlikely to slip. Your loved ones will feel comfortable lounging without settling for a stiff seat.

Colourful seat cushions with pretty designs

The sophisticated fabrics enrich the furniture and go wonderfully with natural wood tones. Would you like to decorate your chairs with a fancy pattern, or prefer it plain? Thanks to the reversible function, the seat cushions bring variety into your home and let you get creative. You can choose between a round format (Ø 42 cm) or a square format (40 x 40 cm) to match the seat top.
At Tranquillo, you'll find a colour palette to suit your living style. Whether red, blue or yellow - the beautiful designs bring colour into the room. Our cushion designs with high-quality screen prints are a unique feature. The artistic motifs are applied by hand and give your interior a personal touch. Beautiful flowers, dots or abstract patterns spread good vibes and give your interior that special flair. Discover the unique looks and let yourself fall in love with the Tranquillo style!

100% organic cotton seat cushion

Protecting nature is very important to us, so we want to incorporate sustainability into all areas of life. With our products made of organic cotton, you can furnish your home in an environmentally friendly way. The production of these beautiful home accessories uses less water and no toxic chemicals. The firm fabric texture ensures that the chair cushions stay in good condition. In addition, the natural fabric feels very pleasant and indulges you with the highest level of comfort. To ensure that the high-quality items keep you happy for a long time, we recommend you only clean them gently with a bit of soap and a damp cloth.
Our online shop offers you a colourful selection of sustainable carpets for extra cosiness.
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