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Stylish home accessories for individual appeal

The little things are what make homecoming a special moment! There are beautiful flowers on your table, the familiar smell of scented oil, and a paper star spreading a warm light at your home. The loving placement of your decorations gives your living space a distinctive character.   

Whatever style you like, at Tranquillo, you'll find the perfect home accessories. Decorate your home in your favourite colours to show your personality in every room. The imaginative styles create a romantic atmosphere and an environment that makes you feel at home. The high-quality materials of the home items will give your home a stylish elegance.   

Cozy accessories for your home

Our handmade paper stars will light up your window with a beautiful glow. The festive light spreads a homely atmosphere and brightens up your evenings.  

Also, fresh flowers create a welcoming mood in the room. Your aromatic bouquet will look stunning in our elegant vases. The modern home accessories blend perfectly with your living style and create a harmonious picture.  

Whether vanilla, citrus or lavender - our decorative fragrance oil lamps will spread your favourite scent throughout the house and create the perfect ambience. The delightful aromas will relax your mind and provide you with tranquillity. Light your tea light and make yourself comfortable!  

Exceptional hanging decorations

Our pretty ceramic decorative balls are perfect for creating unique flower arrangements, wreaths or tree decorations. The hand-stamped prints give your home a special touch. The convenient hanging system allows you to creatively arrange the home accessories in the room.  

Our paper decorations are carefully handmade and are a joy to hang. The delicate silhouette and the artful folding technique make the little figures notable eye-catchers.    

Courage for colour - Home accessories as colourful eye-catchers

Our colourful hooks for the cloakroom and wall are true eye-catchers. With their cheerful design, they bring energy to your living space. This practical accessory allows you to hang up your clothes and bags elegantly and keep everything tidy.   

Turn your furniture into a unique piece in the blink of an eye with our chic knobs. The imaginative designs give your furniture a personal style. The bright colours add exciting contrasts to the rustic wooden drawers.  

Bring your unique interior design ideas to life with trendy home accessories from Tranquillo. Explore our sustainable home textiles, which will inspire you with their premium organic quality. Shop now!
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