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Bathroom accessories with an impressive look

Our current home collection includes bathroom accessories in a variety of styles. You can choose your favourite design to match your interior design taste and give your home a personal touch. The FLORAL series brings a touch of nature into the room with its dreamy leaf and flower motifs.
Inspired by the impressions gained on our travels, our ETHNO and ORIENTAL styles encourage you with their artistic embellishments. The colourful retro patterns evoke a feeling of nostalgia and brighten up your day with their cheerful appearance. If you create a coherent interior design, the matching colour concept will create a harmonious atmosphere.

Fully equipped with stylish bathroom accessories

Well-structured accessories make your beauty routine effortless and allow you a relaxed day start. The high-quality ceramic goods are handy tools that are easy to clean. Our assortment offers you a wide range of products so that you can design your home in the trendy Tranquillo look:
• Soap dishes: The colourful bathroom essentials decorate the washbasin with hand-stamped patterns. The practical water drainage system ensures that your fragrant hand care products are always dry and stylishly stored.
• Storage tins: The beautiful ceramic containers are a unique eye-catcher and offer enough space to store small items. Due to the sealable lid, you can keep the room tidy.
• Trays: With this charming accessories, you can attractively present your toiletries and enhance your wellness zone with loving details. Carefully arranged, your cosmetics are always within easy reach.
• Toothbrush holder: Plenty of oral care products need organizing to keep your smile bright. Our ceramic mugs in a playful design provide you with stylish storage space and ensure a tidy ambience.
• Soap dispenser: The trendy containers keep your fragrant liquid soap safe to make your hands clean and well-groomed, and the pump attachment makes it easy to dispense.
The small moments in your aesthetically designed bathroom will give you relaxation and recharge your batteries. For an entirely coherent look, combine our soft towels and washlcloths. With the pretty bathroom accessories. Thanks to the high organic quality of these textiles, you can fully enjoy your beauty routine. Shop now!
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