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Experience soothing wellness moments with Tranquillo's sustainable skincare products. The handmade soaps for the body and hair surround you with a pleasant scent and allow you to wash gently. In addition, our solid lotion makes your skin feel smooth. Order your favourite fragrance now!

Bath textiles in organic quality

30 Products

Beautiful selection of handmade soaps and lotions

Take a break from the stresses of everyday life with this luxurious treat. The rich oils of our natural products provide intensive care and nourish your body. The fair-trade items are handmade and carefully packaged. Discover our wide range of products that will make your daily beauty routine a pleasure:
 Shower care: The natural soap gently and efficiently cleans your skin with soft foam. The soothing peeling effect ensures a delicate feeling after washing.
Shampoo bar: Our mild hair soaps ensure healthy skin and smooth hair thanks to their high-quality ingredients.
• Lotion: The solid body lotion provides moisture and protection after bathing. Natural care applies smoothly on the skin and is quickly absorbed.

Enjoy dreamlike scents

Discover our wide variety of fragrances. The beautiful aromas treat the senses and let you enjoy your beauty routine. Our handmade soaps with citrus, lemongrass or orange notes have an energizing effect thanks to their freshness. During a morning shower, they give you revitalizing power to start the new day in a good mood. Our natural soaps with lavender, vanilla or rosemary have a calming effect. They let you relax and create the perfect wellness atmosphere. Likewise, the fruitiness of tropical flavours will charm you. The smell of coconut, papaya or mango brings a Caribbean flair to your bathroom and sweetens your daily beauty routine.

Handmade Soaps - Fair Trade & Sustainable

Learn more about the exclusive properties of our sustainable care products:


 Our toiletries use the power of mother earth to nourish your body. The high-quality ingredients of the cosmetics are worth it because they give you a renewed and refreshed look. 100% nature is fantastic for your skin and also supports your health.


A responsible approach to the environment lies at the heart of our business. Therefore, we do not use animal ingredients in our natural care products. Instead, our handmade soaps treat you with the soothing effect of premium plant oils.

Plastic free

Choose our products as a sustainable alternative to conventional toiletries. We take care to minimize packaging and prefer to use environmentally friendly materials.



Handmade soaps carry the Fairtrade label, guaranteeing social working conditions and fair wages. In addition, our producers support social projects by being members of the World Fair Trade Organization.

Palm oil free

 This doubtful ingredient has many adverse effects on the climate and the environment. Therefore, we deliberately refrain from using palm oil to protect the rainforest and its biodiversity.
Are you still looking for a gift? Our handmade soaps are the perfect way to give your loved ones a special treat.You'll also find a superb selection of cosy soft
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