High-quality lunch boxes for special breaks

Eating regularly gives you small moments of relaxation and replenishes your energy for the day. Our lunch boxes allow you to eat mindfully and take a balanced meal with you on the go.   

Equipped with your filled lunch box, you are perfectly prepared for work or your journeys and can fully relax during your time-out. 
Discover the high-quality of these useful everyday helpers and find out more about the advantages of our products here:
  • Plastic-free alternative for an eco-friendly lifestyle 
  • High-quality and durable materials  
  • Lockable lid for long-lasting freshness
  • Practical compartments for your varied break snacks 
  • Securely closes with the accompanying elastic band  
  • Leak-proof box for perfect portability

100 % organic lunch boxes made from PLA

The boxes are free of microplastics, so you can safely enjoy the food. The PLAIN range is in colourful designs and keeps you in a good mood while feasting.   

The material PLA consists of renewable and natural raw materials. By choosing sandwich boxes made from this plant-based plastic, you are opting for an environmentally friendly alternative instead of conventional to-go items.  

Stainless steel sandwich tins with compartments 

Our stainless steel lunch boxes do not require plastic and are very popular because of their robust design. Thanks to the integrated compartments, you can transport several meals separately in your lunch box and ensure a balanced meal during your lunch break.   

Would you like to combine a fresh salad with your sandwiches or a delicious nut mix? Whatever you want to eat, your dishes will be well-kept in leak-proof stainless steel containers.

Trend products made from bamboo  

The sustainable range from Tranquillo also has a selection of trendy bamboo items ready for you. The lunch boxes with high-quality bamboo lids are an eye-catcher and impress with their natural look. The fast-growing raw material is exceptionally environmentally friendly and an excellent solution for avoiding plastic in the household.

Tips for optimal cleaning 

The lunch boxes are your faithful companion on the go, and they come into contact with various foods daily. For your sandwiches' hygienic storage, you must wash the tins thoroughly after every use.   

Our PLAIN favourites, made of organic plastic, can be cleaned in the dishwasher without any problems. For this, you should use a wash cycle of 70 degrees maximum. To enjoy the stainless steel and bamboo products for a long time, we recommend gentle cleaning by hand.  

In addition to our lunch boxes, you can also find trendy drinking bottles and thermal mugs. The colourful to-go items allow you to take your favourite drink wherever you go and make your time out perfect.
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