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Our collection offers a colourful selection of high-quality drinking bottles and thermal mugs. The reusable creations are a must-have for your eco-friendly lifestyle. These handy products allow you to enjoy the beverages of your choice anywhere, whether it's coffee, tea or fruit juice. Shop now!

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Drinking bottles for the perfect pleasure on journeys

Your little morning rituals create a smooth start to the day and make it easier for you to wake up. On the way to the office, stop at your favourite bakery and treat yourself to an aromatic coffee-to-go. Along the way, you can relax and enjoy your drink because it stays warm for up to 6 hours in our well-insulated thermal mugs.   

Our stylish everyday helpers are not only suitable for keeping liquids warm. Their double-walled material ensures you can enjoy your cold drinks at a pleasant temperature. The sturdy drinking bottles are your companion during sports or a breathtaking mountain hike. Allow yourself a little break and treat the body with refreshing drinks, no matter where you are.  

Great variety of drinking bottle designs and sizes

Extraordinary and simply beautiful! The fancy prints of our drinking bottles are fun to take with you anywhere. Adorable animal motifs, bright colours and unique patterns make these favourites a trendy accessory with great value. Equipped with these stunning eye-catchers, you'll have colourful moments in everyday life.   

The articles are available in different sizes. You can choose between our small sizes, 0.3 L and 0.38 L, the medium-sized versions, 0.5 and 0.6 L or the popular 1L size.  

Tip: Have you accidentally lost your lid? You can find the fitting spare parts for your cup in our online shop.  

Drinking bottles for Sustainability

Join us on a sustainable path! The practical accessories are a smart alternative to disposable tableware. The durable home products are easy to clean and attractive by their reusability. Thanks to the high-quality stainless steel, you can enjoy your new favourite item for a long time. The leak-proof lid allows you to transport it safely in your bag. The resistance of the materials to odours and flavours guarantees the perfect drinking pleasure.   

By choosing our water bottles, you get a fair product because respectful cooperation with our partners is an essential part of our company's philosophy. Our brand is also part of the Business Social Compliance Initiative that supports social working conditions worldwide.  

Let yourself inspire by the beautiful selection in our online shop. To be prepared for your little breaks, our assortment has an excellent selection of lunch boxes ready for you. Our lifestyle accessories are the perfect choice to keep your tasty snacks in and enjoy them while on the go. Discover them now!
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