GOTS - eco standard established round the world

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the internationally applied standard for the processing of organically produced natural fibres. The GOTS standard ensures safety and hygiene conditions in the production facilities, ensures compliance with social criteria such as fair wages and defines environmental requirements along the entire production chain.     
The majority of TRANQUILLO's favourite parts are certified with the GOTS seal. Not only our producers are GOTS certified. We as a company also carry the GOTS seal. This enables us to show that the production chain is closed, starting with our manufacturers and ending with us in Germany, and that sustainability aspects are taken into account comprehensively. Our licence number is CU844876. You can find us in the 
GOTS database , in which all certified companies are listed.


The carpets in our lifestyle collection are produced by manufacturers certified with the GoodWeave® seal of approval. GoodWeave® labels carpets that have been produced without child labour. The seal also stands for the consideration of social and ecological standards such as fair wages, safe and hygienic working conditions and appropriate working hours of the carpet weavers.

Organic cotton

We use organic cotton for most of our styles. It grows without toxic pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers or genetically modified seeds.This results in a much lower impact on the environment and a high skin tolerability. And on top of that: it feels so soft and smooth on your delicate skin! 


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