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Would you like more detailed information about our sustainability criteria? HIER you can download our brochure German or HIER in English .

GOTS - The worldwide established Eco-Standard

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the internationally applied standard for the processing of organically produced natural fibers. The GOTS standard ensures safety and hygiene conditions in production facilities, ensures compliance with social criteria such as fair wages and defines environmental requirements along the entire production chain. The majority of our collection is certified with the GOTS seal. Not only our producers are certified with the GOTS seal. Also as a company we carry this seal. This enables us to show that the production chain is closed, starting with our producers and ending with us, and that all sustainability aspects are taken into account comprehensively. Our license number is: CU844876. You can find us in the GOTS database, in which all certified companies are listed.

Good Weave®

Das GoodWeave ®  Gütesiegel zeichnet handgefertigte Teppiche unter Einhaltung der sozialen Standards aus. Das Teppichsiegel GoodWeave ®  wurde von indischen Nichtregierungsorganisationen, deutschen und internationalen Hilfswerken, sowie der GTZ (Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit GmbH) initiiert, um Kinderarbeit in Indien und Nepal abzuschaffen und stattdessen den Kindern den Zugang zu Bildung zu gewähren. Es steht außerdem für die Berücksichtigung sozialer und ökologischer Standards wie beispielsweise faire Löhne, sichere und hygienische Arbeitsbedingungen sowie angemessene Arbeitszeiten der Teppichknüpfer:innen. Jedes Siegel von GoodWeave ®  ist mit einem Code versehen. Mithilfe dieser Codes kann nachvollzogen werden, woher jeder einzelne Teppich kommt. Die Gebühren für die Zertifizierungen zahlen die Exporteure und Importeure und finanzieren damit die Kontrollen der Sozial- und Bildungsprogramme.

Organic Cotton

Für unsere Mode verwenden wir Biobaumwolle. Biobaumwolle ist ein nachwachsender Rohstoff, dessen Verwendung viele Vorteile hat. Der Anbau biologischer Baumwolle verbraucht weniger Wasser. Sollte es zum Schädlingsbefall kommen, werden ausschließlich biologische Mittel zur Bekämpfung verwendet. Zudem erfolgt die Düngung von Baumwolle organisch. Der umweltfreundliche Anbau ist vorteilhaft für die Menschen und Böden vor Ort, aber auch für dich und deine Haut. Das Material ist strapazierfähig, langlebig und luftdurchlässig.

Sustainability at Tranquillo

From the very beginning, Tranquillo has always been committed to fairness in dealing with partners. We have many years of experience with many of our manufacturers. Together we pursue our goals towards sustainability. On site we initiate concrete improvements in working conditions which have an impact on the quality of our products. We use organic cotton for our fashion collection and pay attention to the best mix of sustainable production and the longest possible durability of the garments in the material composition of our products.

Garments that we do not sell within a season get a second chance. Several times a year we organize a warehouse sale in our furniture warehouse in Dresden, where you have the opportunity to get a bargain from past collections. HERE you will learn more.

For the environment

We use LED lighting in our stores and offices. We use about six times less electricity and the LED lamps do not end up in hazardous waste at the end of their life. We choose the most environmentally friendly and efficient way to transport our products. Only in exceptional cases do we resort to air freight. Packages are lined with recycled material and cardboard boxes are reused several times. If they can no longer be used, we return them to the recycling cycle. We print our catalogs and flyers on recycled paper. It is important to us to treat our environment with consideration. This is not always easy in the fashion industry. As an ecologically oriented label, our customers naturally measure us against conventionally producing suppliers. We scrutinize our production steps, weigh up and orientate ourselves to our standards. In this way we initiate long-term changes with our manufacturers and remain dynamic ourselves. Together we develop further and contribute to a fair and environmentally conscious future.

Live more sustainable

It is particularly important to us to implement our sustainability standards in Lifestyle as well. All our carpets are certified with the GoodWeave seal. Our kitchen and bathroom textiles, cloth bags and cosmetic bags are made of soft organic cotton that is GOTS certified. Close contact with our manufacturers and regular on-site visits ensure that social standards such as fair wages and appropriate working hours are observed in the manufactories.

We are particularly proud of our fair trade soaps. These are made with love and from high-quality, natural ingredients. They are free of palm oil and we have also reduced our packaging design.

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